The Importance Of Having Roofing Contractor License

In America the licensing requirements for roofing contractors can be different from one state to another and then even in the same state but from one city to another. It is extremely important when you are looking to hire a roofing contractor to do work for you that you ask to see their correct license so that you know they are allowed to work in your area. Using contractors who are properly licensed is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from the scam contractors out there.

A Roofing Contractor Need a License

Carbondale, Illinois recently saw seven roofing contractors being taken in by the police in handcuffs after a numbers of complaints from citizens who have been scammed. The authorities investigating were looking to find out whether those contractors had complied with licensing mandates. Any who were not were arrested and charged for carrying out repairs on a roof without the correct license, a Class A misdemeanor.

Use licensed roofing contractors

Officials undertaking the investigation told reporters for the local news that checking the licensing of the individuals was to make sure Carbondale got quality service from their roofing contractors and that anyone needing work done on their home roofs or businesses should use qualified contractors who had licenses from the State of Illinois. They also reminded roofing contractors that any work they carried out had to be registered with the Building and Neighborhood Services Division where a list of licensed electricians and roofers registered to work in the city could be found should people need it. If you are looking for licensed contarctors, you can check out sites like or BBB.

Elsewhere in Ohio homeowners have sent the Better Business Bureau over 52, 000 queries about roofing contractors. This has pushed this topic to the primary topic discussed at the BBB. In Ohio general contractors and roofing contractors do not have state licensing laws which is why the queries were directed towards the BBB. However it does not mean that anyone can get up on the roof and start hammering away, within the state there are various counties and cities each with their own requirement that contractors have a local license to work. In this case the license is based on where the work is to be done not where the contractor’s base of business is. If you live in Ohio and are unsure what you should ask for call your local county office and ask them.

In Florida the licensing measures are tougher for roofers. To get a license to work in Florida a contractor has to pass two examinations that look at his business and financial knowledge as well as the trade and profession of roofing. Along with that they have to have four years of experience before they can get a license and that has to be documented. Then they have to have a credit check which looks at their financial statements to make sure they have at least a net worth of $5000. If they pass that credit check they also have to get general liability insurance that covers a minimum of $100,000 in case of physical injury and $25,000 for damage to the property.

For anyone living in a state other than Florida it is a good idea when you are hiring a contractor to insist that the contractor has some kind of similar insurance coverage before you hire them. This covers you just in case something happens on your property.

With a licensed roofing contractor you can feel confident that the company you hire will be able to offer experience, skill, and knowledge in the maintenance of, installation of, designing of, altering of, repairing of or extending of roofing materials. This includes items also used in roofing as well as the material itself, and the waterproofing or coating where needed, so that the roof’s life is extended and there are no leaks.

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