Glass Block Walk in Showers

Like most people, the idea is to spend more time relaxing and living in your home than cleaning or maintaining them. This goes for your bathroom too. No-one enjoys having to bend over and scrub film off of shower doors and rails but you if you are that unhappy with your current shower you may want to think of getting a glass block walk in shower. It is much lower maintenance, cleaning is easier and they are durable. Whatever style your bathroom is there is a style of glass block walk in shower that can suit it and they can be installed on any base, from tile, granite or marble to preformed acrylic. It can be used for commercial or home use.

glass block walk in showers

What are the advantages of having a glass block walk in shower?

  • Durability – These are not just caulked to the walls like some less sturdy shower systems. The blocks are mortared together and are very durable and sturdy.
  • Clean look – This is a contemporary style but it works great with most bathroom designs whether traditional or contemporary themselves.
  • Maintenance – The glass block walk in shower is easy to clean and look after anyway but there are some patterns that are specifically designed to lead to less spotting and less residue. Patterns to look out for include Wave from Mulia or Decora and Icescapes from Pittsburgh Corning.
  • Privacy – The block shower is not like the clear shower wall system where you can see into the next shower. These blocks do not allow people looking in.
  • Flexibility in design – There are a number of walk-in shower design options and colors to choose from for glass block walk in showers to suit most people’s tastes. You can get beveled edges, glass blocks that are colored, designer patterns and those options are only increasing.
  • Lighter – By using blocks you open up the shower letting in more light and making the inside of the shower brighter, safer and more open.

Using a solid, granite, tile or marble surface base

As mentioned the glass blocks can be installed on top of any solid surface and can suit almost any bathroom measurements. By using the specialized layout cards you can get the shower to fit into whatever shape you want or need. A general or tile contractor can then build the tile walls and base, whether it be granite, marble, tile or corion for example. When that it is done the installation of the glass walls on top of the base can take place. While most people have bases with a curb of 4 to 5 inches you can design them to have no curb if needed – say for example if the shower is for someone in a wheelchair, so they can roll in and out and be independent. The wall can be prefabricated using a system called Vinyl Stack which would save money for building costs.

modern unique shower

Glass Block Walk in shower preformed systems

There are several preformed systems, one measures 72 inches by 51 inches. It comes with a preformed acrylic base and has seven colors to choose from. It is easy for your contractor to work with and over the last few years has grown in demand by over 40%. It is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning and comes with a curved wall which means no need to have to scrub the shower door anymore. The acrylic is a good material because it is easy to clean, strong and long lasting.

White themed shower

Other uses

There are other ways that people use these blocks, have them above the Jacuzzi as a window, use then as windows for the basement, garage or even in a walk in closet. They are a great way to allow light into a dark space while still allowing for privacy and security. It is a great modern option to consider in any room.


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