Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

Different Types of Shower Enclosures

The right shower enclosure can have all the functionality you need and also be an attractive feature and a focal point in the bathroom. There are a wide range of styles and designs to consider depending on what your style and preferences are and what space you have there. Here is a look at some of your options so you can decide which is right for you.


Sliding shower enclosure

A popular option because it takes up no extra space at all is the sliding door. Basically the enclosures front panel splits into two and one slides behind the other. It needs a frame but keep in mind that since you basically end up with half one panel behind half the other you get a half opening rather than something like the folding door where you get whole side opening up.

Pivot shower enclosure

The doors pivot open into the bathroom which means you do not need a frame for it and it is a popular option. However if you have carpeted flooring this is not a great choice as they will drip onto it when it swings open. Also that door coming out into the bathroom take up space so may not be for smaller rooms. This is perfect for walk in showers.

Bi-fold shower enclosure

Folding doors that are split into two or three parts and fold open. The whole side of the shower opens up making it a good choice for people who need more room getting into the shower plus the folding door does not take up room in the bathroom like the pivot, so it is still viable for smaller bathrooms. But they do have to have frames so some enclosure designs cannot be used.

Bi-fold shower enclosure

Corner entry

Usually an option that is saved for quadrant showers it means two doors slide or pivot open on the corner of the shower enclosure.

Walk in enclosure

There is no door here. The walls are laid out so that water does not splash out of the gap that is left there for getting in and out the shower. Usually this option is done on a tray that is rectangular and one end of it is open to allow drying to occur.

Shower trays

shower trayThe other main change you can have in your shower is the actual tray. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colors. You can even have then at various heights depending on what you need from your shower. For example if you are having a walk in shower put in it is a good idea to have a larger rectangular try that gives you more room to go in and out and have flush with the floor tiles in the bathroom. Whichever tray you opt for it should be one that fits and it should suit the enclosure you have chosen. Design is important and you want a style that fits with the enclosure and the rest of the bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom something like a sleek frame-less glass design may be ideal. In a natural toned bathroom you might go for an enclosure that has a wooden frame. Or in a family bathroom something just for utility like a small square plastic enclosure may be the best option.

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