Causes and Treatments For Psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment options

The sufferer of the psoriasis should know the reason behind this skin problem. It is difficult to give any particular reason of psoriasis but some researches conducted show that when something happened in the immune system then psoriasis can occur. Most of the scientists accept that T cells produce inflammation in the skin due to which skin cell develops in good amount. Basically T cells are kind of white blood cells which support the body against the aliments and infections.

The reason of psoriasis in most of the cases can be hereditary. Still it is unknown for the scientists that why and how it occurs and around 1/3rd of the people suffer from psoriasis because they have family history. Psoriasis can be worst but it can get better with time. In most of the cases it appears and vanishes. There are factors that increase the psoriasis such as:

Tension, infection, dry skin and changes in climate can cause this problem. Different medicines like depression drugs, lithium or beta-blockers are also responsible.

Psoriasis is one of the skin related problems and it occurs with the symptoms of swelling and scaling of the skin. Usually cells develop under the skin gradually and grow to the surface within a month. This procedure is known as cell turnover. Those people who are suffering from psoriasis can undergo this procedure which can be done in few days because cells accumulate on the surface of the skin.

The other symptoms of psoriasis the patch of thick, red skin coated with silvery flakes are prominent ones. The patches are also known as plaques that can inflame or irritate. It can also take place on the soles of the feet, elbows, scalp, palms, and face as well as lower back. It can occur to any kind of skin. Psoriasis can affect to anyone but more commonly in adults as compared the kids. Both men and women also equally get affected with it.

Psoriasis treatment relies upon these factors such as intensity of the problem, psoriasis patch size, kind of psoriasis as well as how sufferer react with the particular treatment. Every sufferer after treatment reacts in a different way from others. It means different treatments need to be tried until and unless any treatment work in improving the condition.

For treating psoriasis there are three choices available such as Systemic, Topical and Phototherapy Treatments. Topical treatment is based upon the ointments and creams that can be applied on the skin. With the help of this treatment cell turnover, swelling and suppression of the immune system can be prevented. Phototherapy is related to the light therapy. In most instances of psoriasis it is found out that ultraviolet light prevent the symptoms of psoriasis.

For intense cases of psoriasis, systemic treatments are very effective. Usually doctors administer shot to treat this. Usually doctors don’t consider it because it affects every system not only psoriasis. It is better to know about side effects before starting any of this type of treatment.

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