Walk in Shower Designs

A lot of people wanting a modern bathroom who prefer showers to baths are opting for walk in showers over regular showers today. There are advantages to walk in showers, they can enhance the attractiveness of your bathroom, they offer a private place to shower and they can easily be fitted into an older bathroom with some remodeling. While walk in showers may take up some space it does mean you get the option to have a spa experience in your own home with a steam bath.

Walk In Shower Design Options

There are several design options for walk in showers so here are a look at the most popular ones.


Doorless Walk in showers

There are a lot of reasons you might want to consider getting a door less walk in shower. First of all it helps create a sense of space inside and out. If space is an issue in your bathroom these styles should be the ones you are looking at. Another advantage is that they are simple to use and do not come with a lot of extra features, for some people simple is the best way to go. These types also tend to be the easiest kind to clean if that is something that will concern you.


Walk in showers without doors are efficient, make your bathroom appear to be larger than it is, and add a stylish and modern look to it. You will often find this style in five star hotels and penthouse suites as they are luxurious still but keep an open feeling. The walk in is also a good idea if you don’t like to feel closed in.

Tiled Walk in Showers

The most commonly used tiles for walk in showers are granite tiles and ceramic tiles, though granite tends to be more popular with more modern styled bathrooms. To make the most of them you should have them on the walls of the bathroom as well as in the shower enclosure and have this made of glass so that the tiles can clearly be seen and admired. A great design choice for tiles is to choose a soft pattern but you need to think about your budget before jumping in, some luxury tile styles can be quite expensive. You could also include a walk in bath tub in your design if you have the room and budget for it. This is definitely one of the more popular walk-in shower ideas.

Rustic Design

This is a low cost design so great for if you are on a budget or if you just like the rustic feel in the bathroom. It is similar to the sauna bath look using shades that are earth and natural such as browns. The enclosure would be made from something like copper and you can use things like plants and stone slabs inside the shower for decoration.


Spa Design

spa-walk-in-showerThis is one of the more expensive design options for walk in showers. It also uses up a lot more space so is best suited for people with a higher budget and with larger bathrooms. Colors would include whites, creams and pastels and you would have multiple shower heads. Using the addition of aromatherapy or candles that are scented you can add to that relaxed ambiance you want to create with a spa theme, creating the perfect place to unwind in the comfort of your own home.

Rotor Design

If you are looking for a wow factor this will certainly have friends and guests looking amazed. It has the appearance and workings of a rotor but is in fact a walk in shower. While you are in there the rotor will spin creating spirals of drops of water on your body. This is a popular option amongst the younger buyers.

Desk Top Design

This is a smaller and sleek designed walk in shower that would probably suit almost any bathroom. It is also on the more affordable end of walk in showers while still being a pleasure to shower in. It is made from one piece of good quality wood.

The 80s Design

If the 80s were your decade or you are a fan of all things from that decade this may be the walk in shower design option for you. It is colorful and creative, sure to stimulate your artistic side. You have room to sing and dance to your favorite 80s music in it too!

The Matrix

If you like new gadgets, like the futuristic look, have a very modern looking home, the Matrix walk in shower is for you. It comes with shower heads that are adjustable so that you can custom your shower to your needs each time. It looks very stylish and this is another great option for people with limited bathroom space.


Sea Spiral Design

If you prefer a closed in space rather than open walk in shower you may want to take a closer look at the sea spiral design. You have a wall to give you privacy or intimacy and a small round window creates that feeling of being on a ship out at sea. It is more towards the higher end of cost so is more suited for those with larger pockets.

Don’t forget your walk in shower can come with all sorts of features if you can afford them and have room for them. You can still get sleek and simple options but you can also choose from steam options, jets to massage, a Jacuzzi feature as well as much more.